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'Mass Of Man’

Standing at almost 7 feet tall, it is impossible not to notice Mass Of Man. While his physical size is apparent, it is accompanied by his towering ability to shed light on major issues within our society through music.
His songs address some of life’s toughest issues head-on, such as bullying, depression, and domestic violence. 
Mass of Man first began rapping as a way to feel accepted in high school. He had been a victim of bullying for his size and personality, and it took a toll on him emotionally. He was at the point where he’d try to avoid going to school in any way possible. Rapping became his therapy.
His experiences with bullying are what ultimately inspired him to write his song, “Victims”. He hopes that this song and music video will help shed light on how serious of an issue bullying is, and how emotionally detrimental it can be for young people. Although “Victims” may just be Mass of Man’s most controversial music video to date, it is not the first time he has used powerful images in a music video to convey the emotionally charged message of one of his songs.
The music video for his last single, “Fallen Angel”, recently broke one million views on Youtube. Throughout the video, Mass of Man is having a conversation with “Depression”, personified by fellow rapper Mack Harrison. The two go back and forth as Mass of Man tries to rid “Depression” from his life for good. It is no surprise that he is gaining momentum via social media. His rap style is not only socially conscious, but it is also authentic. His lyrics address very relatable issues that force people to take notice.